Biography / Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani


Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani was born on September 11th 1945 at Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. He is the son of Late Sri.T.Ramanatha Iyer and Smt. Pattammal. He stepped into Carnatic Music at the tender age of 3. Although he commenced with Vocal training, very soon he realized his special interest was in Percussion and switched over to Mridangam..

His Gurus were Karaikudi Sri Rangu Iyengar, Sri T R Hari hara Sharma and Sri K M Vaidyanathan .His first stage performance took place when he was 8 years old at Karaikudi. Thereafter his dedication and hard work to excel in the chosen field resulted in the Karakudi Mani Bhani (Style) , which won the hearts of many young percussionists and others all over the World.

He was well known as "Master Mani" down south wherein he has shared stage and performed with many local artists and won many rewards and gold medals.

As a teenage musician he performed with some of the finest in the Carnatic industry. Mani progressed quickly from strength to strength and became a highly sought after Mridangist.