Biography / Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani

Sruthi Laya - The School

In 1989 , Sruthi Laya Seva School was started in a small room in Rangarajapuram, Chennai with 5 minutes thani avarthanam by Guru Sri Surajananda's Mridanga Naadam. With Guruji's blessings now the school has its centres at Chennai, Bangalore, Australia, London, USA, and Canada. More than 1000 students learn Mridangam through this school directly or indirectly.

He has attracted students from all corners of the world. Many of his students are fully fledged musicians. He has the inherent ability to assess a student's capability and tailor his teachings in a way so as to amplify their potential. A tribute to Guru Kaaraikkudi mani's dedication and affection to his students was demonstrated by a unique felicitation to the Maestro.

On the 12 th June 2003, the overflowing hall of Narada Gana Sabha honoured Mani with thunderous applause as he received a luxury car presented by his students to mark his golden jubilee (50 years of service - Fifty Fest) as a musician. Yet another landmark moment as Mani became possibly the first musician to receive such a tribute form his students.

Guru Kaaraikkudi mani has launched a gurukulam called "Seasun Gurukulam" off East Coast road near the seashore at Panayur Chennai. The Seasun school is situated near the seashore environment. It is, strongly emphasized that the curriculam demand high-quality academic achievement. It requires concentrated and consistent study.

The gurukulam consist of guestrooms, classroom, common kitchen and music library for learners. The intensity of the program normally consists of weekend study, daily classes, and field exercises. Several short trips are made during the year in connection with courses.

The motto behind the gurukalam is Stay, Study and Shine

Stay - Self-discipline is important in any endeavor of life. It's best defined as the ability to regulate ones conduct by principle and sound judgment, rather than by impulse, desire, or social custom, basically staring from keeping the time, Finishing of what being started and last but not the least respecting and value to parents and elders.

Clinically, self-discipline may be summarized in one word: obedience. To exercise self-discipline is to avoid evil by staying within the bounds of God's law. Staying in gurukulam will also helps in the development of self discipline in their own life.

Study - Learners will be given rigorous practice and strenuous exercise during the tenure at gurukulam. It helps the learners to excel in their specific art.
Shine - Apart from Hard work, Smart work makes a person prolific in his career. Gurukulam not only makes learners work harder, but also makes work smarter which makes them shine in future.

Mani's mission on teaching doesnt stop with gurukulam. He is teaching the intricacies of laya and laya oriented subject for the students University of Madras from Jan 1, 2008. He has be appointed as a Professor Emirate in Madras University till Dec' 2008.