Biography / Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani


Mani has still on the mission with multiplied determination and enthusiasm, of propagating the value of Rhythm in music and the role of Mridangam and the importance of rhythm in music to reach the masses worldwide and catapulting mridangam with multiplied determination and enthusiasm to more curious heights.

Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani, a veteran of fifty five years in the field of Carnatic music is not just a great performer, but a dedicated teacher too. With a zest and passion rarely found elsewhere, he has created a veritable generation of musicians and artists to sustain his style into the next millennium.

A composer of considerable acclaim, he has wowed audiences the world over with the Carnatic and jazz ensembles. To truly take Carnatic Music to masses, he has been single-handedly editing and publishing a bimonthly magazine called Layamani Layam for the past 13 years. His unique organizing skill (as exemplified by the many percussion schools he runs world-wide and the annual music festival he conducts at Chennai, India) makes for a really multi-faceted personality.

Quite interestingly though,its not the above qualities that set him apart. His humility, down-to-earthness, dedication, discipline and honesty are what set him apart as a shining sun in this constellation of lesser stars.